Except I can and do turn off my cell phone:

Another concern of Oregonians, according to Rep. Lively, is privacy. Many people worry about the state having the ability to keep track of the miles they drive, of “Big Brother” monitoring their movements.

“I understand that concern, but anybody that has a cell phone — the ability is already there for it to be tracked,” Lively said. “Your cell phone is probably the most trackable device we own and almost everybody has one. But there are several options. We made options that people could just annually, monthly turn in their mileage. So they can tell us where the mileage started, where the mileage didn’t, so that’s one way they can report versus reporting from the car — so there’s several ways in which people can report their mileage.

Thus, their argument is that since your privacy is already invaded (if you choose), then it’s okay for us to track you in real time. That’s quite an assertion.

And because the above system requires you to pay a tax to Oregon, even when you drive elsewhere in the country, they propose to track your every mile:

“But the key in doing it automatically is the systems now in place allow us to know whether they’re driving on state highways or private roads, because our goal isn’t to charge you for driving on private roads but only when they’re using the state transportation system.”

Source: Here’s how ODOT plans to replace the gas tax for electric cars | kgw.com

ODOT is also planning to start tolling roads around Portland, and then eventually, track all drivers in the state and charge them by the mile. There will be separate fees for driving on state roads, Federal highways, and city streets.

There is no evidence this is the solution desired by “the people” – instead it is being forced on the populace by unelected technocrats. When they set up a trial, they hoped for 10,000 volunteers – but got only 700 true believers. That is not a sign of much support.

Ultimately, everyone will be tracked all the time. Fees and tolls will be used to control travel in the state.