“If you look at the history of TikTok’s malign data flows and its misleading representations, I don’t see a path forward for anything other than a blanket ban working,” he told the newspaper.

Source: India set an ‘incredibly important precedent’ by banning TikTok, FCC Commissioner says | TechCrunch

Questions not asked:

What are the specific scenarios in how we think TikTok app information is being used or will be used in a hostile manner?

Why do we think that FB, IG and Twitter and other apps do not have these problems? We now know that Twitter was compromised by the U.S. government. We can presume that Twitter has been compromised by many other governments too.

How is TikTok different than FB, IG and Twitter other than by “owner”? Has FB or Twitter ever had “misleading representations”? 

(TikTok is, at a minimum, doing the same things we know that FB, IG and Twitter are doing, compiling dossiers on users’ interests for use in marketing. We also know that FB engaged in activities to manipulate people’s views, and that Twitter has censored posts based on requests from governments. It’s hard to tell who the good guy is here.)