This issue is going to become worse due to the large block of young adults who have decided to have no children:

A retired librarian, Ms. Ingersoll never married or had children. At 77, she has outlived her parents, three partners, her two closest friends, five dogs and eight cats.

When her sister died three years ago, Ms. Ingersoll joined the ranks of older Americans considered “kinless”: without partners or spouses, children or siblings. Covid-19 has largely suspended her occasional get-togethers with friends, too. Now, she said, “my social life consists of doctors and store clerks — that’s a joke, but it’s pretty much true.”

Source: Who Will Care for ‘Kinless’ Seniors? – The New York Times

Young are terrified we will all die due to climate change, the population is growing[1], and it would be horrible to bring a child into a fatalistic world.

Except it is wrong on many levels but this is where we are. In another 30-50 years, the lack of family care providers will have profound impacts.


By EdwardM