Airlines and regulators are pushing to have just one pilot in the cockpit of passenger jets instead of two. It would lower costs and ease pressure from crew shortages, but placing such responsibility on a single person at the controls is unsettling for some.

Over 40 countries including Germany, the UK and New Zealand have asked the United Nations body that sets aviation standards to help make single-pilot flights a safe reality. The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has also been working with planemakers to determine how solo flights would operate and preparing rules to oversee them. EASA said such services could start in 2027.

Source: Pilots Flying Passenger Planes Solo Is Prospect for Near Future – Bloomberg

UPDATE: Captain becomes incapacitated shortly after plane takes off. First Officer immediately returns the aircraft to the airport. Paramedics take the Captain to the hospital where he is later pronounced deceased. This does not seem like a good argument for a single pilot up front.

Envoy Air says pilot who was reported incapacitated during flight has died (

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