Meanwhile, most of the population is stuck on the Population Bomb meme that was wrong the day it was published 55 years ago. That mindset is locked into today’s younger generations – and the old too – but those of childbearing age have given up on having kids:

Baby busts from the 2008 global financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic have also contributed to a staggering decline in fertility, the combined impact of which will be apparent in precisely 2026. Why? In America, suddenly ten percent fewer high school students will enter college because of the mini 2008 baby bust. Globally, in 2026 we will tally the number of Generation Alpha children and find that it will be smaller than today’s stock of Gen-Z. Young Gen-Xers and older millennials already embraced the trend of having only one child before COVID struck. Now, young millennials and older Gen-Z don’t seem inclined to have any at all. Our kids aren’t having kids. The hockey-stick curve is flipping over becoming a flat line with a cliff.

Source: The Global War for Young Talent Will Shape the Future | Time

The article’s author was born in India, grew up in UAE, then the U.S., and eventually his PhD in London. He is fully globalized.

It is a good article, but alas, like all such articles, concludes that immigration of young people is the only possible solution – ignoring the possibilities of business process improvement and automation.

This is because those trained in economics or international topics (like the author) are unaware of what automation can do today.

By EdwardM