An opinion poll is a measure of contemporary propaganda success, thus, this is expected after the onslaught of bad news:

Americans have as little optimism as they have had at any time in nearly three decades about young people’s chances of having greater material success in life than their parents

Source: Americans Less Optimistic About Next Generation’s Future

But – demographics favor good economic opportunities for younger generations as labor will remain in demand, and wages will continue upwards. Due to the decline in fertility rate and population, opportunities for career advancement will be high.

Historically, each generation has and will continue to do better than the prior generation. It may take years for the signal to be obvious in the noise of daily life, but it will get there.

The media focus on doom and gloom , and failure to convey the impacts of the population implosion has left the public misinformed. Most people incorrectly assume recent history will continue into the future, or get worse – that is a large mistake to make.

As the poll notes, views on the future also shift with politics – Republicans think the future will be worse when Democrats are in office, and Democrats think things will be worse when Republicans are in office.