“They also expect you to clean dishes, throw the garbage, do laundry. Should I also cook 3 course meal before I leave?” one person tweeted in response.

Another user wrote: “Airbnb checkout instructions are like ‘please feed the neighbor’s cat and administer his heartworm medicine before depositing your key in the mailbox.’”


In September, one Airbnb guest complained about a lengthy to-do list left by their host, asking her to take out the trash, change bed linen, clean the dishes, and do a load of laundry. Other travellers have also shared unusual tasks that hosts had expected them to complete, such as mowing the lawn.

Source: People reveal why they stopped using Airbnb as hosts complain bookings are down

I have used AirBnb once, and it was an outstanding experience. But I heard of others having experiences like those described above. Recently, an older brother told me they no longer use AirBnb after having bad experiences.

Many AirBnb “hosts” have tacked on work tasks and hidden fees that make AirBnb undesirable. AirBnb insists everything is fine, without addressing the specific complaints.

What is your experience?


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