Tonight, Microsoft showed me a LinkedIn ad for a position. I clicked through to read the description.

Below that, they had photos of people working at Microsoft, with a link to their own LinkedIn pages. Of the first 15, 14 had international experience.

  • From India
  • From Columbia
  • From the UK
  • Attended high school in Aba Dhabi
  • Studied in Spain, Germany, and Argentina, then a BS at a US university.
  • American. Worked at the World Bank in Africa and Europe.
  • American, speaks English, French, and two African languages.
  • American. Did MS in computer science in Israel
  • From the Philippines
  • From Costa Rica
  • From India
  • American. Only person not showing international experience.
  • American (probably). Says has lived and/or worked in 27 countries.
  • American, does not list international experience but says speaks English, Spanish and Japanese.
  • India

Note – I previously worked at Microsoft. Microsoft is a cool company. But today, I would not hire myself due to my lack of global experience. I am doing everything I can, at this point in life, to catch up with whatever I can, and working on plans for 2023 and a stretch goal for 2024. The list above confirms what I already knew: anyone who has done much of anything today has a past track of global experience.