Source: FastStats – Immunization

Some of these students will “catch up” by the age of 5, when they enter school – because their school or state may require full vaccinations.

I had only polio (oral/sugar cube/live virus) and smallpox (jet injector gun) vaccinations as a child. I had measles, mumps – but not rubella – and chicken pox – as a child. And who knows what else?

In the past 2 1/2 years I began catching up on all the vaccinations I missed and have since received:

  • 2 shingles vaccination shots
  • 1 MMR shot
  • 3 Hepatitis A+B shots
  • 3 Influenza shots
  • 1 pneumonia (Prevnar 20) shot
  • 3 Covid-19 shots

That’s 13 injections!

Since I had Covid in early summer, I will be waiting 4-6 months before considering a 4th Covid vaccination.

My last shot will be a Tdap (tetanus) booster next year. So 15 shots in 3 years!