Technocracy privileges the opinions and viewpoints of technical experts, exalting them into a kind of aristocracy, while marginalizing the opinions and viewpoints of the general public.

Source: Technocracy – Wikipedia

This is public health the past 2 1/2 years: Authority was handed to public health bureaucrats who engaged in regulatory affairs beyond their expertise. Turning over government to technocrats is to abstain from democracy – where the technocratic elite have more authority and input than the plebians. Indeed, rule by technocracy, without public input, is no longer a democracy.

We created a new new-feudalist aristocracy –  look at The Blue Check program on Twitter where tech titans and those with “credentials” have been elevated to the arbiters of truth. Or where the technocratic elite ignored their own Covid rules, or where the climate elite gallivant around the world by private jet, telling the rest of us to abstain from life because “climate”.

This is no longer a democracy but a return to feudalism and rule by technocrats, where merely asking questions can lead to online account suspension or termination, or worse, being completely “Canceled” from the online world.

In other words, we have plowed deep into anti-democracy because “the technocrats know best – and how dare you to question them!”

Very reminiscent of Animal Farm – where everyone is equal but some are more equal than others!