But open only to those under age 36:

Skilled workers from around the world could find it easier to live and work in Germany, if the nation backs a proposed new visa.

The “chancenkarte” would incorporate a points system to ensure the European economic powerhouse of 83 million people prioritizes overseas workers with the skills it needs the most.

Source: Germany eager to attract foreign workers

Germany has a severe shortage of younger workers due to demographics – and like all other countries, thinks it can import immigrants to solve the problem.

Older folks need not apply. The German program is only up through age 35.

Australia’s residency visas are available to those under age 46, and New Zealand under age 51 regardless of education and skills. Other countries have various visas open to those under age 30 or 35 as well.

It is almost comical to consider that these countries – and companies within these countries – will say they do not have age discrimination even though it is official government policy!