First, we have this forecast from May which projected that everyone in the world would have monkeypox by the end of June. Not a parody.

Self-described epidemiologist, nutritionist and health economist:

Dr Eric Feigl-Ding noted on Tuesday that the expected number of monkeypox cases by August is 100,000 worldwide and urged the World Health Organization to take action.

Source: CDC activates emergency operations unit for monkeypox | Monkeypox | The Guardian


World Health Organization:

As of Sep 15, 2022, there are about 50,000 cases world wide.

2022 Monkeypox Outbreak: Global Trends (
2022 Monkeypox Outbreak: Global Trends (

Monkeypox cases cross 50,000-mark across the world: WHO (

According to the CDC, cases in the U.S. are trending downwards – hope that continues.

“Cases are down about 40% in the United States, an NBC News analysis finds. The seven-day average of new reported cases had a daily average of 281 on Aug. 31, down from 465 on Aug. 10.”

U.S. Monkeypox Cases Are Declining (

Yet another expert projection bites the dust. Always wrong but at least they are scary.