A Google news search shows numerous headlines raising awareness of the shrinking population. Apparently, this is becoming mainstream. I have been tracking population trends since the mid-1990s so this is not new to me.

As one person said, Paul Erlich’s Population Bomb turned out to be an implosion, not an explosion.

Many of us who grew up in the ’60s and especially the ’70s were bombarded with media messaging about environmental catastrophes and an exploding population that would lead to massive numbers of deaths due to no food or water by the year 2000.

Like essentially all expert predictions about the future, those were wrong too. But many people my age remain stuck in the past, still thinking those claims were true.

After the public health fiasco of the past 2 1/2 years, a few of us are beginning to doubt the climate change fear mongering as well. Science has lost its free pass on credibility.

Reminder – I upgraded my home to R-60 insulation, heat with locally sourced wood pellets (the UN says this is carbon neutral) and produce more than all of our electricity from our solar PV system. We have added 220v EV charging ports in the garage (40-amp circuit – 9.6 KWH Level 2) and a 220v port outside too. We do not yet have an EV as it is, from a total life cycle perspective, more energy efficient to continue driving my 42 mpg 2015 Honda Fit. However, we produce sufficient solar PV power to charge a future EV for all of our local travel.

By EdwardM