This is a lie and CNN fell for it:

But the decisions of some parents not to vaccinate their children don’t just put the health of their own families in greater danger. They also put everyone around them at risk — including my own vaccinated daughters, who can still get breakthrough cases from their classmates.

Children under age 5 are especially vulnerable in these situations. Masks aren’t recommended for kids under age 2 (they could suffocate), and all of the children in my daughter’s preschool take off their masks when they eat and nap. So, the best way to keep these kids safe is for them all to be vaccinated, reducing their risk of contracting Covid-19 and spreading it to others.

Source: Opinion: What petrifies me about sending my kids to school this year – CNN

Utterly false.

January 10, 2022

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said that Covid-19 vaccines are no longer effective at preventing transmission of the virus.

CDC Director: Covid vaccines can’t prevent transmission anymore (

And she said that in an interview with … CNN.

The writer acknowledges that the vaccinated can, in fact, get sick from Covid – and thus, being vaccinated does not stop the spread vector.

States should require that students get vaccinated against Covid-19 before going to school, just as kids are¬†required to get inoculated¬†against diseases like chickenpox and polio. Parents who refuse to accept the guidance of the medical community shouldn’t have the right to make all our kids less safe.

And public relations propagandists should not be permitted to publish self-contradicting false statements on CNN!

By EdwardM