You may have noticed that TikTok’s short videos have taken over the social media world. Youtube is doing #Shorts. IG is redesigning, they say, to give more emphasis to video.

Going way back, we started with text-mostly platforms – Twitter, FB. That gave way to IG’s still photo focused platform.

Now we are into videos.

Source: The Rise Of Video Content And Why You Need To Be On Video In 2022 – Influencive

The visual medium is also biased towards the young and the good looking. I had dug up social media data a few months back and up to 75% of content creators on some platforms are female, usually young and good looking. We might call this “young female privilege” or something but that would get us in trouble.

Lots of advertisers are now migrating to influencer marketing – with paid trips, free products, and cash sponsorships – for having their products or services shown by influencers.