We paid off a $20k medical debt – the hospital accepted a negotiated payment from our group payer, but then balanced billed us for the entire remainder. In other words, they charged list price with us paying about 2/3ds of the total list price.

More than 100 million people in America ― including 41% of adults ― face medical debt in a health care system that pushes patients into debt.

Source: 100 million people in America are saddled with health care debt – Idaho Capital Sun

Question: Why have Democrats decided taxpayers should pay off education debts taken on voluntarily, but not forgive medical debts that were involuntary?

What is the logic on this?

Or, why are education debts something to be forgiven but not, say, a debt taken on start a small business at age 21? Why is an education loan given priority over other forms of debt?

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