The request, if enacted, would allow Russians with a masters or doctoral degree in the fields of science, technology, engineering or math to apply for a visa without first obtaining an employer sponsor in the US.

Source: Biden asked Congress to loosen visa restrictions on highly educated Russians

This has a double impact:

  1. May reduce the engineering and scientific talent available in Russia, impacting their economy and global position, long term
  2. May enhance U.S. competitiveness

This also goes along with my view that the Masters degree is the de facto requirement to work in many STEM fields.

The software field is splitting in two. One group, especially web and mobile apps, may be dominated by those without 4-year degrees in tech subjects – instead, “coding boot camps” and experience will suffice, and the second group will require more advanced skill sets, such as those building underlying AI machine learning technologies, operating systems and firmware-based devices.

Update: Former defense, energy, homeland security officials, former Senators, former leaders of the CIA, DIA, etc, are asking Congress to import an unlimited number of STEM Masters or PhD holders from all countries, globally Former national security officials push for green card cap exemption for immigrants with advanced STEM degrees (

President Biden says he supports importing an unlimited number of Masters or PhD graduates in any STEM field, from all countries.

Imagine what this does to the value of a bachelor’s degree in “tech” subjects? The Masters and PhD will become the de facto minimum entry requirements for jobs.

By EdwardM