This is stupid:

Joe Biden will announce Tuesday that his administration will lift the summertime ban on E15 gasoline to help ease high gas prices. Will this action save drivers a significant — or even noticeable — amount of money at the pump? Experts tell CNN it depends on a number of factors,

Source: What are the pros and cons of E15 gas? Here’s what to know about Biden’s order – KTVZ

The price of gas – might – go down by 5 to 10 cents per gallon, or about 1% to 2%.

In exchange, your fuel efficiency may go down and you’ll have to buy more fuel to travel the same distance.

Smog will get worse.

E15 should not be used in many types of motors including motorcycles, lawn mowers, boat motors and others – its use in these motors may cause damage. It may not be usable in some vehicles – your fuel cap may be labeled “E10-E15” to indicate it’s okay, or there may be a reference in the owner’s manual.

The price of grain, which is already in an inflationary spiral, will go higher. This is because farmers will allocate fields to growing corn, reducing fields that might have grown other crops and grains.

All that for an illusion of saving you a few cents per gallon.