Source: 2022 ID.4

See the problem? I’ll give a hint: The ID.4 is rated to tow 2,700 pounds.

Don’t see it yet? At 2,700 pounds of towing capacity, I could tow my small trailer. But I would not be able to re-charge the ID.4 except by unhitching the trailer and then backing the ID.4 into a high-speed charging station in order to plug in!

DC Fast Charging stations usually have short cables because they must be thick (and heavy!) to handle the high current flow.

Image by Blomst from Pixabay

They could have resolved this by putting the charge connector at the front of the vehicle, but they did not.

This means the ID.4’s towing capacity might be useful for around town or taking a small boat to a nearby lake. But it’s not practical for towing a small camping trailer to anything but a close campground.

They did not think this through.

By EdwardM