UPDATE FEB 7 – 2022: IRS abandons plan to use facial recognition to access one’s tax records.

The collection will be outsourced to a third party “identify verification” service.

Starting summer 2022, the IRS is requiring taxpayers to create an account with identity verification company ID.me to access certain tools and applications.

Source: IRS will soon require a selfie to access some of its online tools

Eventually, all online access to IRS services will likely require presentation of your photo and identity paperwork. It feels a bit awkward – we are gradually creeping up towards 24 x 7 surveillance, much of our personal info in numerous databases. Our cars are now tracked in real time by Android, and many states want to tax “by the mile” to control our movement. Plus there is talk that in a couple of years, new cars will require a “remote de-activation” feature so police can halt the movement of any vehicle. This all seems rather dystopian.

Do they accept photos while wearing your cloth facial covering?

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