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Hundreds of projects launched since 2020 show that Chinese police, state media and the military are gathering data from sites including Twitter and Facebook to track perceived threats.

Source: China harvests masses of data on Western targets, documents show

Each of my blogs is scanned intensely by servers using IP addresses hosted in China. I have assumed these are generic search engines but now I am not so sure. Says their goal is to measure “public opinion” and sentiment. Knowledge of this would play a central role in Chinese government sponsored propaganda campaigns.

In May this year, Xi called on senior officials to portray a more “trustworthy, lovable and reliable” image of China abroad, calling for the “effective development of international public opinion guidance.”

His comments reflect Beijing’s growing anxieties over how to control China’s image abroad.

Some leave bizarre crumbs behind – such as self-identifying to my server as an Apple Safari browser running an older version of Android. Sorry, that’s not happening.

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