• A majority of states do not require school students to wear face masks in school.
  • A majority of states have ended their emergency declarations.
  • Only 8 states still have indoor mask mandates for the unvaccinated (some individual cities in some states also have mandates) (and some of those states have announced they are discontinuing the requirements shortly).
  • Oregon mandates face masks indoors AND OUTDOORS for BOTH unvaccinated and FULLY VACCINATED and is the only state that does this – because Trust Sciencetm.

Map view of mask requirements by state – most states have no rules, a few have indoors only, for the unvaccinated – and then there is Oregon!

The Halloween guidance in Oregon:

  • Trick or treaters over age 12 should be fully vaccinated
  • All trick or treaters must wear a “Covid safe mask” (which in Oregon is a random bit of cloth facial covering per OHA guidance – and NOT an N95)
  • Small groups only, avoid crowds
  • Stay six feet away from others not from your own home
  • At the door, home residents should wear a compliant face mask
  • Give out candy only outdoors and not from the house
  • Stay six feet away from kids (by leaving a bowl out on the driveway or something).

No one will follow their guidance. Halloween will not be a super spreader event (as some have already predicted).

Coldstreams Skeptic