Source: CA moves to end sale of gas powered lawn mowers, leaf blowers | The Sacramento Bee

Switching to EV lawn mowers will have no impact on air pollution relative to the state burning most of its forests down every year.


California is also seeking ways to reduce Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) through:

  • Much higher gas taxes
  • Tolling highways
  • A per mile vehicle fee
  • Tax benefits for using public transport and bicycles including encouraging employers to charge employees for parking.
  • Social marketing propaganda campaigns modeled on public health messaging (LOL! – See notes, below).

State and Federal political leaders want to make travel more expensive to discourage the public from traveling. As with the public health hypocrites who ignore their own public health orders (see list in top of this blog), these rules will not impact the elite.


Social marketing is another potential action for the federal government to reduce VMT. This strategy is widely used in the public health field to encourage healthier behaviors, such as smoking cessation, more exercise, and healthier eating. Social marketing campaigns in transportation have generally targeted behaviors related to safety, including seat-belt use and drunken driving. Studies show that such campaigns have been successful in changing behavior.


Changed title to add the word “New” to make it clear this does not apply to existing lawn mowers.

By EdwardM