Air travelers create a lot of greenhouse gas emissions that mostly harm other, less well-to-do people.

Source: Opinion: Big Tech flies too much. It’s time for these companies to practice what they preach to help stop climate change – MarketWatch

The article points out most carbon credit schemes are scams, where people pay not to cut down forests that no one had any intention of cutting down anyway.

In spite of having a solar PV powered home, in spite of retrofitting R-60 insulation in my house, in spite of adding 220 v outlets in my garage and outside my house to power a future EV, in spite of heating using wood waste products (UN says its carbon neutral), I did not even look at the IPCC 6 report or read the news stories. Every headline I saw was written as coordinated propaganda , not something trying to inform me.

Our household carbon foot print is less than 1/4th that of the average American home, and dropping.

I am so burned out on crappy science during this pandemic, I have lost confidence in all science. The IPCC 6 report? What ever. I’m not even paying attention!