Application development tools haven been improving for decades and are to the point where many applications no longer require the skills of a highly trained software engineer:

When I was starting my career in tech, software development was the preserve of skilled engineers. That paradigm is rapidly becoming obsolete, thanks to the rise of low-code dev tools that allow employees without coding experience (aka “citizen developers”) to create powerful apps using prebuilt templates and intuitive, drag-and-drop interfaces.

Source: The untapped potential of citizen developers

The “shortage” of software developers may disappear as fewer skilled software workers are needed.

Most application development, even when writing apps in Javascript or Python – which are not “low code tools” – does not require the detailed skills of computer science. Hence, six month “coding boot camps” and certification.

Software development becomes a combination of moderate skilled blue collar “boot camp” programmers, and low-code. The latter is more akin to the teaching of typing skills in high school 3 or 4 decades ago. It’s just a modern “typewriting” class to learn low-code tools.

By EdwardM