This outside my usual interests but just saw that the dance company Pilobulus was in the news.

In my tech career, I worked with one of the co-founders of this dance group. Its neat to see that the group, founded in 1971, is still going 50 years later, now working on methods to help seniors exercise too.

The story focuses on delivering “balance exercises” to the elderly via streaming services and live over Zoom. Great idea!

That is of interest to me since, due to recent diagnosis of serious knee problems due, in part, to past injuries – much of my physical therapy exercises are focused on balance to strengthen many muscles in the lower half of the body. Two months ago I could not walk more than 200 feet due to the knee injury – yet two days ago I did a 4 mile walk and will soon be increasing that distance as part of recovery.

Physical therapists are miracle workers!

By EdwardM