They expect 70% of applications to be developed by their internal users rather than software specialists:

We started with our center of excellent last year, where we got some experts together who are accountable to scale this across the enterprise. Now we’ve gone to a center of practice, which not only has our technical IT experts in it, but more importantly we have citizen developers that are spread across the business functions and enterprise who are working and building these low-code, no-code applications. More on the no code side.


When a user builds an app, it goes in our library. Another user in another part of the world can enhance it or copy it. The citizen community has really come onboard. A year into the journey we’re really seeing the citizen developer as the center of practice grows.

Source: Mondelez Takes a Low-Code, No-Code Approach to Development – InformationWeek

Tools enable non-programmers to develop many kinds of applications without requiring detailed software development knowledge. This enables most anyone in their business to create their own software solutions.

Will be interesting to see how this works out long term – coupled with future updates and maintenance issues.

By EdwardM