CA now has the lowest positivity test rate in the nation, after 30-55% of the population had the disease in December/January (depending on County).

MI, VT and now OR – were amongst the lowest case counts in the nation – until recently, when they too spun out of control.

Eager to know when parts of America are finally approaching herd immunity against COVID-19? Then pay close attention to what’s happening in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Triggered by reopenings and fueled by the rise of more contagious variants, COVID numbers suddenly shot up across all four states last month. But then, just as suddenly, cases began to plummet right at the start of April — and they’re still plummeting today, even as restrictions are being lifted.

Source: COVID cases are suddenly falling in 4 hard-hit Northeastern states. Does that mean herd immunity is on the way?

The experts have no idea – lots of hand waving theories and assertions.

By EdwardM