Oregon, uniquely, among all 50 states, required high school athletes to wear face masks while running in outdoor track and cross country events. Last week, a student collapsed unconscious at the finish line, suffering injuries. Within days, the state’s public health modified its mandatory face mask requirement in competitions.

An Oregonian sports report cuts to the heart of the problem – public health did not seek input from those impacted by their rules:

Has anyone who makes the rules ever been to a track meet?

A diamond?

Played in a youth soccer match? Or bothered to watch one?

Source: Canzano: Governor’s office and state leaders have a blind spot when it comes to sports – oregonlive.com

This has been a problem from the beginning. Public health “experts” are not experts in operating businesses or sports programs. They made rules without input. It’s understandable to do that for immediate, short term situations. But at some point, they must seek input from the public that is regulated.

Going forward, public health laws need to be written to remove the unilateral long term authority given to public health.

By EdwardM