Source: Pfizer says its COVID-19 vaccine is 100% effective in children ages 12-15

Is “Surge” a militaristic white supremacy verb?

No, it is not but that didn’t stop a politician for claiming “surge” is a militaristic white supremacist term.

Public health has repeatedly used the word “surge” for scary messaging. Official frequently refer to a “surge in new cases” or as Fauci famously and incorrectly said, “a surge upon surge” over the holidays.

Of interst, AOC says “surge” comes from “insurgent” and its use is related to the military and white supremacy.

Hmmmm…. says “surge” is both a noun and a verb that derives from Latin, and “insurgent” is a noun and an adjective that arose from French, 200 years later.

Apparently public health is using a white supremacist, militaristic term to describe Covid-19 disease patterns? Who knew?

Redefining language itself is one of many methods of propaganda messaging, where propaganda is messaging designed to persuade a target audience to adopt someone else’s agenda. The word “surge” is used by public health to intentionally sound scary.

Now the word “surge” is redefined by to imply a militaristic white supremacy connection.

Makes one’s head spin.