This topic is the subject of many social media posts.

There is sort of a semi-official account that one loses 20-40% of range in the winter depending on type of EV model, local temperatures, road conditions, and how you use your vehicle.

I’ve been reading a Chevy Bolt EV forum for quite some time. Recently, many people posted their own range figures for where they live.

For those in cold winter weather climates (MI, upstate NY, areas of the midwest) – they are saying they get 130 to 180 miles range, down from the full range of nearly 260 miles in warm weather.

Variables include outside air temperatures, road conditions, and use of electric heaters in the vehicles, and whether or not the car is pre-heated (while plugged into charging) before driving.

Regardless, EVs in winter time have issues. For those who are only doing local driving this is not a big deal – but for anyone contemplating taking their EV on a road trip in winter time (real winter weather) this may be a big deal, and especially for vehicles whose DC fast charging is not that fast.

By EdwardM