I would prefer to be writing positive things about tech, energy, transportation too.

Unfortunately, I have a very low tolerance for bull shit [1]- and the pandemic response level of bull shit has been wild.

Quite a few people are frustrated by the level of illogical nonsense that has emanated from public health epidemic experts, the media and politicians and many have begun to speak out. It’s been a steady stream of inconsistent, contradictory, illogical and incoherent nonsense.

[1] By bull shit tolerance is very low. This might be because of my training – undergrad degree in computer science (and 3 courses shy of a degree in math too), a graduate degree in software engineering, and an MBA (analysis and computer modeling). Precision and logic are important and its how my brain is trained to operate. When its working … It might also be because of multiple traumatic brain injuries which caused me a host of challenges throughout life. Regardless, I do not tolerate bull shit. (If you want to know, one 5″ skull fracture, moderate TBI diagnosed years later, 5 more knock out blows – subsequent speech problems, tinnitus, six kinds of headaches including visual migraines, brain perseveration, anxiety, sleep disorders, occasional swallowing difficulties, sensitivity to light and sound – and more. Brain injuries are not fun.)

By EdwardM