Chart shows the total number of passenger for each week, during the pandemic.

This is a better way of looking at the data than day by day due to large fluctuations in daily numbers. Day by day comparisons can yield +50% to +60% figures even though the change in total number of travelers for the week may be just 10%, and as seen above – or a rise after a very sharp dip, as seen just before Christmas.

Notable items in the chart

  • Slight peak at 4th of July
  • Slight peak at Labor Day weekend in September
  • Peaking in October for unknown reasons
  • Slight peak at Thanksgiving followed by a deep trough
  • A rise just at Christmas and then again at New Years. This rise likely includes not just holiday travelers but also university students. Numerous, if not most, on campus college programs resume the first week of January, causing a likely blip in travelers.

Related: Most universities will be testing 100% of their students and staff during the first week of January. This will result in a spike in case counts during the coming week – which we will be told is due to the “holiday spike”.

Coldstreams Skeptic