89% of the U.S. is wearing face masks where required

According to research at CMU, 89% of those surveyed wear a face mask, as required.

Source: Home – COVIDcast – Delphi Research Group – Carnegie Mellon University

When a public health official says that “if 95% of people wore a face mask, this pandemic would be over within weeks” they are telling you a straight up lie.

With 89% compliance, cases have exploded nationwide months after high compliance face mask mandates went into effect. Compliance varies by state – but is has high as 97% with 90+% being common in many states.

If just a few percent more people wore a face mask, all these new cases would go away? That defies logic and commonsense.

The proper question is: Why are face masks not working?

This is what the Kinsa tracking map looked like yesterday – with “High” cases nearly everywhere and those not “high” are in the “accelerating” category. A majority of states have had face mask mandates in effect for months, with some since April.

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