According to research at CMU, 89% of those surveyed wear a face mask, as required.

Source: Home – COVIDcast – Delphi Research Group – Carnegie Mellon University

When a public health official says that “if 95% of people wore a face mask, this pandemic would be over within weeks” they are telling you a straight up lie.

With 89% compliance, cases have exploded nationwide months after high compliance face mask mandates went into effect. Compliance varies by state – but is has high as 97% with 90+% being common in many states.

If just a few percent more people wore a face mask, all these new cases would go away? That defies logic and commonsense.

The proper question is: Why are face masks not working?

This is what the Kinsa tracking map looked like yesterday – with “High” cases nearly everywhere and those not “high” are in the “accelerating” category. A majority of states have had face mask mandates in effect for months, with some since April.

Update: I have learned that in our “cancel culture” merely asking a question about this is FORBIDDEN. I am a heretic for noticing that we have up to 95% face mask compliance in areas, for months, where cases are exploding in number.

If we may not ask questions about things not working, then we will never see improvements. Simply doing more of the same – when the data says its not working – means more people will get sick and die.

But that’s okay – because at least it preserves the narrative and the status quo that “There is no question that face masks work”.