If you forget a password with Apple products, you have a choice:

Receive a code sent to “your other Apple devices” (this means you must own more than one Apple device and you must have physical access to it)

Receive a code sent to someone else’s Apple device (which doesn’t work for me either)

Go through a separate process that it says may take days to receive a reset code.

This is effectively a useless user experience. Just went through this with my wife’s purchase (and subsequent return to the vendor) of an Apple iPad.

Now I am having to deal with on an old Apple product – while I do not currently have access to my only other Apple product that is compatible with their latest security system.

This is a typical Apple pain in the ass. And while I decided some time ago to not update any of my Apple hardware. Some people say “Apple just works”. That is has not been my experience. At all.

Coldstreams Skeptic