Many corporations moved large offices out of suburbs to downtown locations viewed as appealing to young millennials:

And with each of these moves, there were perks: Millennial talent was more plentiful in these bustling districts such as the Loop in Chicago, where the nightlife and bar scene were also strong. Some companies, including GE, found tax breaks from municipalities when they positioned their offices downtown.

Source: After flocking downtown to woo millennials, offices might move back to the burbs

In a post pandemic, post apocalyptic burned out downtown buildings world, the ‘burbs are looking good again.

Companies may have moved to downtown locations as a  subtle way to discourage older job applicants (who have families and homes),  making it simpler for companies to pursue young workers instead, who are often viewed, particularly in tech, as “hipper” , less expensive and more up on the latest tech fads.

By EdwardM