42% of Norway’s car sales were pure battery electric, and almost 14% were plug-in hybrid. Tesla Model 3 was the best-selling car, with 11% of the market.

Source: 56% of Norway’s new cars had a plug in 2019, Tesla Model 3 overall best-seller – Electrek

In other words, the government pays consumers massive subsidies to purchase EVs today.

The reporter says EVs are a success in Norway and if they can be so successful in Norway, EVs can be successful anywhere!

The reporter does mention oil subsidies (exaggerated by converting ordinary business tax credits that apply to all businesses into “oil subsidies”) but does not mention anything about Norway’s EV subsidies. The result is a fake news article by a dufus reporter.

So yes, EVs can be successful in any country with pre-existing cheap, non-CO2-producing power and where 50% or more of the EVs’ purchase price is subsidized by the government. This model surely works in all countries! Not.

What a crappy piece of journalism.

By EdwardM