More automation going into McDonald’s outlets:

After closing the Dynamic Yield acquisition, McDonald’s quickly deployed its machine learning tech in more than 8,000 U.S. drive-thrus. The technology changes drive-thru menus based on the time of day, weather, traffic and the customer’s order — all to coax the customer to spend more

As labor costs rise, sometimes due to changes in minimum wage laws, retailers are increasingly deploying automation to reduce costs. This was going to happen regardless of minimum wage law increases but increases in required minimum wages are accelerating the trend to automation.

Not only does automation, and semi-automation like mobile apps and self order kiosks reduce costs, they say it also results in consumers spending more per order.

In the above example, McDonald’s is deploying systems to persuade or trick customers into buying more items or more expensive items than they may have been planning to purchase.

By EdwardM