One solution, according to the Federal Aviation Administration’s acting administrator, is to require remote IDs in every drone.

Source: FAA official suggests IDs in drones during Las Vegas convention – Las Vegas Review-Journal

The Administrator goes on to give many reasons why remote ID systems are going to be necessary. He says that the FAA cannot currently mandate tracking of all model aircraft but expects Congress to change the law so they can.

Mandatory tracking transponders on model aircraft are coming – expect to see a formal proposal within months. The FAA is just waiting for Congress to pass the FAA re-authorization budget law. Once that happens, they will move swiftly to end carefree model aircraft flying.

Sadly, there are many people clamoring for heavy handed regulation – and I am not thinking of industry but of the idiots who post their reckless flying antics on YouTube for all the world to see.

Until the proposal comes forth, we have no way of knowing whether its requirements will be reasonable to implement, or expensive and unworkable (high power, heavy weight, high cost – thereby grounding small model aircraft).