FAA: You cannot fly a #drone or #quadcopter over people #drones #quadcopters #UAS #UAV #Unmanned

Perhaps, the most discussed aspect of Part 107 is their flying over people rule.

Source: Little Known Facts About Part 107’s “Flying over People” Rule That You Might Not Be Aware Of

  • Per the FAA, you cannot fly over people except people directly involved in the operation of the aircraft or people beneath a safe cover.
  • Obtaining permission from people to fly over them does not make it legal – in fact, it still against FAA regulations.
  • Per the FAA, you cannot fly over moving vehicles.
  • You can fly over people when flying inside a building. Why? Because the FAA has no jurisdiction of the space inside buildings.
  • Some people will deliberately move themselves to under your flying UAV so that they can then complain to the FAA that you flew over them.

Some other things you cannot do:

  • Fly your UAV outside of your line-of-sight view. There are tons of videos on Youtube showing flights up to as far as 44 miles, using 4G LTE modems to control the radio controlled aircraft. Doing this is reckless and not permitted by the FAA.