UK Parliament to consider new #drone laws, today #drones #quadcopters

  • Existing 400 foot height restriction applied to drones weighing 250g to 7 kg (note the odd use of both English and Metric measures!)
  • 1 km exclusion zone around all certified aerodromes/airports (but not private strips)
  • Require registering with the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Pass an online test

Source: New UK drone laws are on the way – but actual Drones Bill still in limbo • The Register

On YouTube we can easily find numerous videos in the U.S. where quadcopter hobbyists have flown their aircraft out 2 or more miles, clearly beyond the legally required visual sight range limit, or to heights well above 400 feet (as in thousands of feet) or made flights entirely using First Person View exclusively. Such actions by idiots are going to gradually force eventual licensing of most model aircraft operations except those conducted at AMA certified model airfields.

Idiots are ruining the hobby for responsible users: A woman in Salt Lake City, Utah says she was struck by a drone while she was walking downtown, receiving a large gash to her nose.