Do coffee makers really need Wi-Fi? #IoT #InternetOfThings

It’s not just ovens and refrigerators that are getting wi-fi, often bundled with cameras that let you see your food. It’s also coffee makers, digital thermometers, crock pots and virtually any other small appliance you can imagine.

Source: What Fresh Hell Is This? Kitchen Gadgets You Don’t Know You Need – Bloomberg View

The mostly likely use of Wi-Fi in a plethora of basically dumb home devices (do refrigerators really need Wi-Fi too?) is so manufacturers can keep tabs on how often their devices are used, and how they are used. In some cases, the data might even be sold for marketing purposes – perhaps someone that makes a lot of coffee is a candidate for blood pressure medication?

2 thoughts on “Do coffee makers really need Wi-Fi? #IoT #InternetOfThings”

    1. Me too! I like Megan McCardle’s comment in the article that she already has an app that let’s her know what food is inside the fridge: it’s called opening the door!

      I am doing a lot of things to try and maintain some degree of privacy. I will have to write a post about steps we can take to protect ourselves from common every day snooping.


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