Internet of Things. Mulani and Pingle (2016). Paper Summary.

I am reading through a number of published, peer-reviewed papers that are related to the Internet of Things topic. Rather than create a personal annotated bibliography as I go through the papers, I am instead going to try and write paper summaries and comments here on this blog. May as well share what I read!

There is no particular order to these papers. I found them online and saved them in a folder, and am reading them in the order they appear in the folder.


Mulani, T., and Pingle, S.V. (2016) Internet of Things. International Research Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies. March 2016. Retrieved from: File: 270-772-1-PB.pdf

Defines the IoT and then examines issues surrounding IoT, including security, privacy, legal, economic, followed by comments on IoT communications models including peer to peer (device to device), device to cloud, device to gateway and back end data sharing. Concludes that IoT has “technical, social and policy considerations” that need to be examined. But … this paper does not examine them. Reads like a proposal.