Great anecdotal story of a mobile app marketing campaign:

ultra-hip Guatemalan shoe retailer Meat Pack ran an unusual promotion via its mobile app. When customers who had downloaded the app walked into competitors’ stores, they were given an alert: they now had a 99% discount on their next in-store Meat Pack purchase. However, the discount would drop 1% every second, until the customer entered a Meat Pack store. With the clock ticking on the offer, customers literally ran from competitions’ stores—over to Meat Pack.

Source: NeustarVoice: The Internet Of Things Is Disrupting Marketing Attribution, And Marketing ROI Will Never Be The Same Again

The above article summarizes key concepts:

  • Location tracking of foot traffic inside stores
  • Better understanding of the external environment in which marketing messages are delivered and received
  • End-to-end marketing life cycle understanding – from first received message to decision point
  • Development of standards-based marketing data sharing partially based on #IoT device data collection

This potentially the ultimate in content marketing.


By EdwardM