Update: Multiple updates, below. Today (November 11) I received a reply from Google that says in order to change my address, I have to set up a new merchant account for my Android apps by setting up a new Google account, pay another $25 fee to Google, and then upload all my files, again. All because Google is incapable of changing the address of an account. Good grief.  Apparently no one at Google has ever moved in their life.

I am trying to submit both an app (to Google Play) and an e-book to Google Books/Play. They require that I set up a Google Merchant Account to receive incoming payments. Okay with that.

However, when I go to set up the account, Google pre-fills my old address in to the form and there is no obvious way to change the address. The page has a dead link for “Why Can’t I Edit My Address?”. Clicking it (in multiple browsers on both Mac OS X and Windows) displays nothing.

There’s no way to change the address.

I have not been able to find anything online about how to change my Google Merchant account mailing address – except, a strange Google help text that says clearly that I should delete my Google account, request a refund of the developer program fee, then create a new account – with a different name or change the name of my old account – and start uploading my stuff all over again. Google really says that on their support page. Insane.

The rest of the page implies it is impossible to do a change of address once an account is set up and you must start over and create a new account. They do give an option to change a “support address” but there is no way to get rid of the original mailing address.

Again, has anyone at Google ever moved?

I thought Google had smart staff so I am a bit surprised to encounter this obtuseness in their account setup process.

Any one? Any thoughts or ideas how to change this address?


Go to http://wallet.google.com/manage, click on the “gear” icon at upper right and then click on this icon for “Settings”. Go to bottom of the page and there you can edit your actual address. This is pretty hidden, to say the least, when you encounter the wrong address in the Play developer web site as there is no information there on how to change the address.

Update: Well, I did that but it still fills in the old address. Will try again tomorrow and see if the new address needs to propagate to the other servers first.

Update: Still does not work. Wallet now has my updated address. However, when I go to the Merchant account creation page, it still pre-fills in my old mailing address and further fills in a public business address with a mashup of my old and new postal addresses! It’s hopeless!

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