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#IoT “smart hair brush”

#IoT has reached that point in the product life cycle when we see the launch of rather silly products: Beauty giant L’Oreal has launched a “smart” internet-connected hairbrush that analyzes users’ hair type and recommends products accordingly Source: L’Oreal’s smart brush ‘listens’ to hair, recommends luxury treatments The product purports to analyze the hair, how often it is brushed, what time of day, whether the hair is dry or frizzy or coarse, wet or dry...

Attributing “hack attacks” to specific nations is not reliable

Publicly pointing fingers at responsible parties may gain headlines, but it behooves the accuser to be right to retain credibility. In the high-profile attack two years ago on Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), President Obama and the Federal Bureau of Investigation squarely blamed North Korea for the assault that crippled the company’s operations for months. While Mandiant convinced the U.S. government and Sony that North Korea was the culprit, numerous security firms – including Kaspersky Lab...

Tutorial for linking multiple #Arduino boards over #Bluetooth to #Android #AppInventor for #IOT

I just published a tutorial on linking multiple Arduino boards over Bluetooth to App Inventor apps running on Android devices. You can see the tutorial at my web site by clicking here. Arduino, Bluetooth and Android go hand in hand for the do-it-yourself experimenter working on Internet of Things concepts. Sharing is Awesome! Do it!

Foxconn to fully automate its factories #automation #robots

Apple’s main manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is planning to eliminate human workers from its Chinese factories in three phases —something already complete at some locations, a manager with Foxconn’s Automation Technology Development Committee revealed on Friday. Source: Apple manufacturer Foxconn aiming to fully automate factories in three phases Automated systems are now cheaper than workers….in China. Sharing is Awesome! Do it!

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