Spam Attack

In October 2014, this blog experienced several enormous “spam” attacks.

  • Due to a software change at the ISP, there was a period where certain anti-spam features had to be disabled. This resulted in the creation of large numbers of fake user accounts.
  • A massive spam attack took place that created huge numbers of spam comments; none of which made it through the entire set of filters and none were ever posted on this blog.
  • A massive spam attack used a security vulnerability in either the WordPress “post by mail” feature, or at my ISP, or the Contact Form 7 plug in that provided a way to send me a message. This resulted in thousands of “draft” posts titled “Mail Delivery failed:” as all of them “bounced” and were returned, becoming “draft” posts.

None of these spam attacks were successful in terms of achieving their goals (fake comment and comment-link spam or sending spam emails) but they have taken up a lot of my time in cleaning up the mess.

With the drop in readership of blogs that we have seen over the past year or two, and the declining use of RSS news readers (everyone now uses social media instead), I am giving serious thought to ending this blog.

I’ve set this to the only post visible on the main page – so  you will see only this post.

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