Spam Attack

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In October 2014, this blog experienced several enormous “spam” attacks.

  • Due to a software change at the ISP, there was a period where certain anti-spam features had to be disabled. This resulted in the creation of large numbers of fake user accounts.
  • A massive spam attack took place that created huge numbers of spam comments; none of which made it through the entire set of filters and none were ever posted on this blog.
  • A massive spam attack used a security vulnerability that provided a way to send me a message, which bounced back to the blog itself. This resulted in thousands of “draft” posts titled “Mail Delivery failed:” as all of them “bounced” and were returned, becoming “draft” posts.

None of these spam attacks were successful in terms of achieving their goals (fake comment and comment-link spam or sending spam emails) but they have taken up a lot of my time in cleaning up the mess.

With the drop in readership of blogs and the declining use of RSS news readers (everyone uses social media now), I may end this blog. “How to” information remains popular and is why I am continuing with the App Inventor and 3D photography web sites.

Update Nov 2014: I am still contemplating ending the blog. Obviously, I have reduced posting here.

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