In light of the tragedy in Canada yesterday, I am posting this photo of the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds, in a practice flight over Hillsboro, Oregon, September 2014 to remind us of the strong connections between Canada and the  U.S. (Photo by me. And my wife’s father was born in Alberta.)

DSC_1425 (Custom)

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Is blogging in decline? Time to end this blog?

Definitely: Is blogging in decline? | Khanya. And that was written in 2011! Here’s another written in 2013.

Been watching the stats on this blog the past 12 months and am considering ending this blog. The death of Google Reader knocked out a lot of regular readers.  Only about 10% of readers visit this blog due to the RSS syndication feed – the rest seem to be through search engines or typing/bookmarking the URL.

The hey day of blogging was before social media – today, everyone uses Facebook or Google+ to share items. More time spent on social media means less time spent reading blogs.

There will still be personal web sites, of course, but the heyday of blogging is past, it seems.

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Another example of how Facebook is a propaganda conduit

As written about in the past, Facebook has become an ideal friction-less conduit for the spread of propaganda, where many share without thinking. Now, “censors” are using FB’s spam reporting feature to delete actual news, giving us another example of Facebook’s role in propaganda:

A [Reuters] story about voters leaving an election rally that featured President Obama has had trouble gaining traction on Facebook after some users flagged the article as spam.

The story in question – written by Reuters and posted on Yahoo! News – reported that a large number of attendees at a campaign event for Maryland Democratic gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown walked out during a stump speech by Mr. Obama Sunday

via If voters leave an Obama rally, do Facebook users hear about it? –

If you or your friends use Facebook for passing along political/policy/advocacy links and articles, you are participating in a massive propaganda experiment whose outcome is unknown.

Social media aka Facebook has become a primary source for “news” for many – yet it is a highly filtered source as people tend to congregate in groups with similar perspectives and a curated set of posts.  Few challenge their “friends” when their friends post things that are outright wrong – and the propagandist knows from propaganda research that the first information someone hears is most likely to stick.

To learn more about this issue, please view these previous posts:



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Due to spammers, comments on this blog are now turned off

Last night this blog was literally attacked by comment spammers, in spite of numerous tools used to keep spammers away. None of their work successfully made it into visible comments, but it was time consuming to clean up the mess.

Because this blog receives few comments, I have disabled all comments.

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4k TV has hardly started and 8k is already in the works

AMD and Nvidia already preparing for 8K (7680*4320) UHD displays | KitGuru.

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OT: Health insurance so expensive few can afford actual health care

I predicted this outcome long ago: Unable to Meet the Deductible or the Doctor –

We pay $831/month (for all health benefits, cheap by other state’s prices) and received notice our rate goes up by 11.8% for 2015, for individually purchased coverage.  Real savings, huh?

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F.B.I. wants to ban encrypted phones

All your data are belong to us: F.B.I. Director Hints at Action As Cellphone Data Is Locked –

Perhaps they should just require that the content of our phones and computers be automatically backed up to the NSA cloud: think of it as providing a service a la Google. In exchange for a loss of privacy, the NSA/FBI would then provide a free backup service.

Of course we are to trust J. Edgar Hoover’s own agency: “He used the FBI to harass political dissenters and activists, to amass secret files on political leaders,[2] and to collect evidence using illegal methods.[3] Hoover consequently amassed a great deal of power and was in a position to intimidate and threaten sittingPresidents.[4]

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Dorian Nakamoto plans to sue Newsweek

He was accused by Newsweek as being Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin: Dorian Nakamoto solicits donations to sue Newsweek – CNET.

Newsweek’s report should win an award for worst journalism – as I pointed out before, the evidence used to finger Dorian could just as well finger me as the inventor of Bitcoin. In journalism, accuracy no longer matters – only how many eyeballs were sold to advertisers matters.

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Fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal

Faster! Fusion reactor concept could be cheaper than coal — ScienceDaily.

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