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Finally doing my own #3DPrinting

Finally doing my own 3D printing – making mistakes and learning. But that was the whole idea! Making little mistakes, one by one and learning from those mistakes.


When Women Stopped Coding : Planet Money : NPR

NPR makes an assertion that 1984 is when personal computers in the home emerged and that parents only bought personal computers for their sons. The first assertion is false and the second assertion is made without any supporting evidence. The latter assertion provides no meaningful explanation for women in computer science prior to the mid-1980s nor that most young women today have a personal computer but still are, apparently, not going into computer science.


#Drone pilots in India required to be licensed and to pass a security clearance #quadcopters #UAS #UAV #modelaircraft

India to require pilots of drones over 2 kg to receive certified flight training, pass a government license exam and security clearance, and be at least 18 years old. Elsewhere, the regulatory discussions are continuing towards similar requirements in most countries, plus the addition of real time remote ID transponder tracking and the possible requirement to file flight plans before flying model aircraft.

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