March 3, 2023
After the March 3d, 2023 incident, there was much publicity about a former government official killed “by turbulence” while her family flew on a private jet flight. Some reports suggested climate change was the cause and we would see more of this dangerous turbulence.

March 24, 2023 – What Happened

Investigators say the violent movements that killed a woman aboard a private jet this month were multiple times the pull of gravity and were not caused by the weather.

The National Transportation Safety Board said the aircraft experienced a force about four times the pull of gravity when the pilots disabled a setting that is used to stabilize the aircraft. The pilots were in the process of resolving warning messages from the aircraft.

Source: Passenger’s death on private jet was not caused by turbulence from weather, NTSB says | CNN

The pilots received multiple system alerts prior to the flight, rejected one take off attempt, isolated one problem, restarted, received more alerts, but decided they didn’t require aborting the flight.

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