Despite projections the U.S. could see more than 100 million COVID-19 cases this fall and winter, the country did not experience a true winter wave for the first time.

Source: The winter COVID wave that wasn’t: Why the US didn’t see a surge – ABC News

Experts think we are stupid?

Experts told ABC News that a combination of more immunity, better treatments, less severe infections and more people following mitigation measures likely played a role.

Almost no one was following mitigation measures. Another “Expert” says more Americans were staying home and not participating in life. What nonsense: Except for a small percentage, nearly everyone has resumed life.

Mask usage declined significantly:

From Ian Miller, mask data follower on Twitter.

The reason there was no wave was because the Expert Prediction was wrong, as they have all been.

We did not see a wave because we had a very high immunity due to infections and vaccinations,”

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