This week:

There is not sufficient evidence to recommend more than one COVID-19 booster shot a year for older people and those with weakened immune systems, an expert advisory group to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Friday.

Source: Not enough data to support multiple annual COVID boosters, U.S. CDC advisers say | Reuters

… and then wait ’til next week

I am not anti-vax. From Dec 2019 to Dec 2022 I had 13 vaccinations:

  • 2x Shingles vaccine shots
  • 1x MMR vaccine shot. As a child I was only vaccinated for Smallpox and polio. I had measles, mumps and chicken pox as a child. Because I had not had rubella, my doctor recommended one dose of MMR vaccine.
  • 3x Covid shots, and also had Covid
  • 1x pneumonia vaccination
  • 3x influenza shots
  • 3x Hepatitis A/B shots
  • Coming in 2023: DTaP booster shot

That’s 13 shots with one more coming in 2023.

The Shingrix shots and Covid shots were rough – with fevers of up to 101 degrees for up to 4 days, each shot.

I’ve had 3 Covid shots, was scheduled for a 4th but contracted hepatitis and had to cancel the 4th shot. Then I had Covid and was advised to wait six months for another booster but by then the recommendations from dueling experts were fuzzy so I have not had more shots.

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